Opportunity with Nerium

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Opportunity With Nerium

Nerium has some amazing products but it is also has an amazing business opportunity for those that wish apply themselves, work hard and dream big!

The Skin Care Market

  • The anti-aging market is an $80 billion-dollar industry in the US alone, and is expected to grow to $114 billion within the next three years.
  • In three years’ time, the anti-aging market in the US alone will be almost as big as the direct sales industry worldwide ($125 billion).
  • Nine of the top ten billion-dollar direct sales companies are in the beauty category.
  • Over 50% of the wealth generated in the direct sales industry comes from the beauty category, which is larger than all other categories combined.
  • Nerium International is in the highest-selling category within beauty, which is dermal.Within dermal, Nerium International is in the fastest-growing section of that, which is anti-aging. Skincare products are the “stickiest” products in the industry.
  • Consumer loyalty to skincare, specifically anti-aging, is very high. This leads to a very high retention rate in customers.

Nerium Products

  • NeriumAD is a breakthrough product in the dominant category in the industry.
  • The unprecedented results and clinical testing of NeriumAD provide a huge differential to
    other skincare products.
  • Our relationship with Nerium Skincare, a division of Nerium Biotechnology, creates a huge barrier of entry that includes patents, sourcing, and lengthy biotechnology research. This ensures that our products will never be replicated.
  • We have the exclusive global rights to Nerium Skincare’s product line for both present and future products.
  • When you combine a breakthrough product in the dominant category in this industry with the high customer retention due breakthrough results, that provides you a foundation for a real opportunity.


  • The unilevel compensation plan has proven over decades to be the most honest and sustainable for long-term wealth creation.
  • Nerium International has built the ultimate unilevel compensation plan that provides a path to success for both immediate and long-term income.
  • The high retention of customers also provides for a long-term sustainable residual income.

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