What is Nerium EHT

What is Nerium EHT?

Does an All-Natural Age Defying and Regenerating Supplement Interest You?

Genetics, the Environment, and Stress Kills – Nerium EHT May Be Your Protective Mechanism

Nerium International is the company that proudly holds exclusive rights to this preventative, restorative, and regenerating natural compound that may help you age better, think clearer, improve brain function, and prevent and recover faster and more effectively from head trauma.

Sounds like a miracle – Many researchers believe it is!

Scientific researchers know time kills the brain. Vital neuron connections weaken and break, triggering memory loss and slower reaction time and alertness. Recent studies have shown EHT is a new compilation age-defying supplement that effectively helps prevent mental decline with a new mixture centered around EHT extract, which is a natural formula of bioactive molecules derived from coffee. This incredible formula is combined with a diverse range of essential vitamins, including B6, B12, D3, folic acid, magnesium citrate, selenium, Huperine A (boosts focus), and the protective antioxidant lipoic acid, to trigger…

  • Better overall brain health and communication
  • Defense against oxidative stress and chronic swelling and inflammation
  • Enhances and certifies improved natural brain function
  • Supports and protects intricate neuron pathways in your brain
  • Boosts natural energy stores
  • Improves attention and focus

Where Does EHT Come From?

Dr. Jeffry Stock and his team discovered the EHT molecule after 20 years of research and testing. It was founded in the infamous neuroscience lab in Princeton University. This science-based powerful molecule supports strengthened neuron connection, which leads to regeneration and more resilient synaptic connections within the brain.

Bottom Line…Enhanced brain function and performance for a focused, healthy, and more resilient mind long-term.

Let’s look briefly at the bioscience of EHT – the changing of the brain.

Without your brain you wouldn’t be able to move or control your senses, feelings, and thought process. A lifetime of memories are stored within your brain and unfortunately time takes its toll and interferes with the retrieval process. It just gets weaker naturally as the clock ticks.

Aging weakens the neuron structures within your brain and from this neurodegenerative diseases form. Your brain cells inevitably start dying and forgetfulness, shaking, mood changes, and decreased motor function result. There are all sorts of triggers or causes but the “big picture” culprit stems from how healthy your brain is.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in yourself or older people. As we age we experience less motility and mobility, we start forgetting things, and health issues become more of a focal point. Researchers are looking to find connectors that help improve brain health and promote stronger and more resilient brain function, along with faster and more thorough repair when the brain is injured. Think of it like a fountain of youth for the brain.

EHT Discovered!

EHT is an extract consisting naturally of a calculated mix of bioactive molecules. What researchers have found is that by using this compound regularly you can help protect and strengthen the neuron function of the brain. This helps to prevent injury and maintain optimal function. And when combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a positive lifestyle you can actually slow or perhaps even stop the once thought inevitable pace in which the brain ages, with leads to eventual total breakdown and death.

This groundbreaking discovery now raises the question as to what degree this formula can prevent head injury in sport and safely speed up the recovery time. Exciting and alive EHT shows much promise for the future of healthy brain function. A natural product that might well become a routine useful prevention tool for many in sports, the aging process, and life in general!



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