How Nerium AD Can Help Your Beauty Business

If you are a spa or salon owner, you feature a variety of products at your beauty business all the time. You want to offer your clients a variety of hair, nail, and skin products that make them look fabulous, while helping them feel fabulous about themselves. You should consider bringing Nerium AD into your salon or spa to help your clients put their best face forward, regardless of their age!

Nerium AD has been described by consumers as miraculous, amazing, life changing, magic, and a face lift in a jar! With adjectives like these, the product will sell itself!

Nerium AD was developed by scientists conducting experiments with the oleander plant. Once applied to the face, a dramatic transformation was noticed by users. Their sun damage, red spots, pores, and wrinkles were largely reduced. Skin was said to feel firmer, refreshed, and even smoother.

How can you promote this famous product in your salon? Be sure to place it near the register in view of paying customers with a couple of its benefits outlined. You can even obtain before and after images from the internet which document its powerful effects to hang around the shelves of products. You can also begin using this product each evening before bed. Simply apply it to your damp face and neck daily and you will begin to see results-so will your customers!

You may also wish to promote a special for facials and microderm abrasion. You can include a small bottle of Nerium AD in each facial package that you offer, or sell the product for 30% off to encourage your customers to give this moisturizer a try, especially before going under the knife or taking advantage of fillers or injectables.

You may also wish to raffle off a beauty basket each month. Your customers can purchase as many tickets as they’d like, or you can even put each customer’s name into the drawing for free, after they leave each appointment throughout the month at the salon. Once customers begin using Nerium AD, you can guarantee continued future sales because the clients will be overjoyed with their younger looking appearance.

You may also wish to promote this product when clients book one of your rooms to host a spa party. You can encourage that they purchase a dozen bottles to give as parting gifts to their guests!

Nerium AD may be the product you need to drive more sales at your salon. Consider some of the tips mentioned above to introduce this product to your loyal customers.

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