Do You Wake Up in the Mornings to Tired and Puffy Eyes

Do you wake up in the mornings to tired and puffy eyes and cheeks? That tired look you can seem to shake? That puffiness not only enhances those wrinkles you long to forget but it makes you look drained and far from ready to tackle the day ahead.

The answer to your affliction and the solution to your problem is NeriumAD. With a new amazing fusion using both science and nature, the people at NeriumAD have created a powerful cream that has been scientifically proven time and again to eliminate an array of difficult skin problems including that stubborn puffiness and those wrinkles and fine lines.

Works on All Skin Types

The best part about NeriumAD is that it can be fantastic on all skin types so we know it will work for you. The soothing cream not only smooths out wrinkles and thin age lines around the eyes and mouth but can eliminate redness, stress rashes & discoloration and that pesky morning puffiness.

NeriumAD has a special patented blended formula that has never been used before and has been proven effective from the over million people who have tried it and loved it.

NeriumAD has powerful active ingredients that include the amazing and patented NAE-8 extract which is rich in antioxidants. Combine that with our high protein blend it is the proven answer to the elimination of your morning puff and the preservation of youthful glow. And that is just our night cream.

Nerium optimera before and After

We offer a series of different creams for all kind of skin afflictions which are used day or night or both! The NeriumAD cream combines active ingredients that can conquer these afflictions so that everyday you wake up and feel tighter, brighter and charged up for the day ahead. Even one night of NeriumAD care can brighten your skin, reduce puffiness and uplift your facial features and consequently your mood and confidence.

30 day free trial

With a 30 day free trial what can you loose but those little lines around your eyes and those puffy mornings?

Give NeriumAD a try at our expense and you will see the difference yourself. You will not be disappointed, your skin will love you and your youthful glow will return. You will look and feel younger and ready to tackle whatever the day can throw at you knowing you can bounce back from even the most stubborn wrinkles, long term discoloration and that everyday morning puff.

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The Science Behind Nerium SkinCare

Nerium SkinCare is dedicated to “evidence-based” product development. Quite simply, the company believes that preclinical and clinical testing of its products is essential prior to the release of a given product to the public. Nerium SkinCare does not rely merely on published work by others, but provides for appropriately designed studies of its own to insure safety and efficacy.

When asked to describe the precautions and protocols that Nerium SkinCare uses to ensure it meets all safety standards, Dr. Robert Newman, scientific advisor to Nerium SkinCare, responded, “Both preclinical and clinical safety testing is performed on Nerium SkinCare

products. Importantly, this is NOT done using animals. Rather, the research relies on in vitro cell culture, as well as actual human clinical studies. The clinical studies are carried out in volunteers, typically using small, defined areas of skin or other target tissue sites, which include additional safety precautions utilizing blood chemistry’s and CBC analysis for each participant. Once safety is assured, larger scale clinical testing and analysis is then done.”

The skincare market is filled with products that have little, if any, evidence-based research behind them. Often, what is saved in terms of research simply goes into marketing. Nerium SkinCare’s philosophy stands in stark contrast to that, as the company will not release any product without safety and evidence-based proof of product performance and efficacy.

The discovery of using Nerium oleander in a skincare capacity was truly accidental. Following this finding, scientific steps were taken to create a product harnessing the power of Nerium oleander. This process included the selection of appropriate product components (such as

aloe), development of innovative technology related to the extraction of Nerium oleander leaves, unique blending of the aloe-based oleander extract into a useful cream-based cosmetic product, safety testing, and preclinical and clinical testing to assure product efficacy and utility.

The skincare market is filled with products that have little, if any, evidence-based research behind them. Nerium SkinCare’s philosophy stands in stark contrast to that.