4 lies about nerium that arent fact

4 Lies About Nerium That Aren’t Fact!

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Unfortunately we live in a cut-throat world where you’ve always got to watch your back. If you come out with a new fantabulous health and wellness product the first thing skeptics do is look to take you down. And some will do whatever it takes to make that happen. How do your counteract this? With the FACTS!

FACT – Nerium is an advanced natural antioxidant skin product derived from a toxic plant that’s widely harvested in the Mediterranean. From this medical plant comes a new age-defying face cream called NeriumAD. And from these miraculous roots a series of skin products to help reverse aging and leave you looking years younger without invasion. That’s the beauty of it! And who doesn’t want to improve their skin no matter your age or skin condition?


Here are 4 Lies About Nerium We Need to Debunk IMMEDIATELY 

Myth 1 – Because Nerium comes from a toxic plant it’s dangerous!

Truth – It’s true Nerium is derived from the poisonous plant nerium oleander. But that doesn’t mean the product is toxic. Just because a plant has toxins in it doesn’t mean the whole thing is poisonous. It’s the medicinal all-natural antioxidants that are so beneficial from this plant. That’s what’s used to help prevent the aging process by reducing the signs of wrinkles, brightening your skin, level textures, and greatly improving the overall look of your skin. Healthy and age-defying is what Nerium is all about!

Myth 2 – The alcohol in Nerium will dry your skin out and make you look older than your years.

Truth – It’s true there are alcohols in Nerium that may be controversial. But that’s because everyone reacts to them differently. You might eat an apple and gain energy, where another person may get sick because they can’t swallow the skin. Everyone reacts differently to alcohol in their skin products but that doesn’t make it bad for everyone.

If you are highly sensitive to alcohol in general you are going to have to test the waters with Nerium to see if it works for you. Plain and simple!

Myth 3 – Nerium skin products are highly allergic.

Truth – This couldn’t be further from the truth. There have been a few isolated cases of people reporting allergic reactions to this skin care product. That’s true. But again this seems to be the exception to the rules. I’m allergic to deodorant with aluminum in it…sometimes. So does that make all deodorants with aluminum in them an allergy alert?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Silly Yahoos need to keep things in perspective. When trying a new product you’ve got to use common sense but don’t judge a product because of another person’s issues. Onward!

Myth 4 – Younger looking skin is guaranteed in just a few days!

Truth – Are you freakin kidding me? Any claim like that is magic and so far magic isn’t scientifically proven! Nerium has been tested and stamped as an all-natural scientifically based skin care product that can improve the look of your skin fast. There are too many factors involved to pin a date on the results and you’ve got to give the cream time to work into your skin before you’re going to see visible results. That just makes sense.

Some people see results within a few days and others take longer. Try it and see for yourself!

You never know unless you try. Nerium is an exciting new opportunity for you to improve your skin, prevent aging, and fight the process daily. And when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle you are setting yourself up to WIN!

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Is NeriumAD a Scam

NeriumAD Scam: An In-Depth Look at NeriumAD

Is NeriumAD a Scam

NeriumAD is a product that is world renowned for its ability to treat the symptoms associated with age. It is a product that is based on scientific studies and has helped millions of people eliminate wrinkles and repair damaged skin. But what can this product actually do, and is it safe for your body? Is NeriumAD a scam? These are a few of the questions that we’ll take a look at in this article.

NeriumAD Overview

Researchers will admit that it was sheer coincidence to have stumbled upon the Nerium oleander plant, the specimen responsible for making such a product possible. Nonetheless, they’ve managed to harness this plant and maximize it to its fullest potential. Researchers worked countless hours to extract the most valuable aspects of the Nerium plant. Doing this, they were able to create one of the most popular skin care and age fighting products in the world.

What is NeriumAD?

NeriumAD is a product that was created from this highly efficient plant. The oleander extract from this specimen is one of the main ingredients in the product. And don’t worry because there have been numerous clinical trials to ensure the effectiveness and capabilities of NeriumAD. This unique formula is one that millions have people have been able to benefit from. Let’s take a look at what it really has to offer.

What are the Benefits of NeriumAD?

NeriumAD has been proven time and time again to reduce the symptoms associated with old age. Essentially, it promotes healthy skin growth and can diminish fine lines and wrinkles from your face and hands. If you have rough, uneven skin then you will be able to reap the benefits that NeriumAD has to offer.  You can also gain from this product if you have skin that is even or skin that has negatively been affected by the sun. NeriumAD is highly versatile and can help you ease a multitude of skin conditions and problems.

NeriumAD is Safe and Effective

For those of you who have concern in this department, there is no need for alarm. NeriumAD is product that comes from a naturally occurring plant. It isn’t a synthetic product that is grown in a lab. Repeated studies have proven time and time again that this all natural product is safe to use, and doesn’t have any negative side-effects.


NeriumAD is a very popular age defying product that has already made a positive impact in the lives of millions of people. It is certainly not a scam and those people have made improvements in both their skin appearance, their personal development and in their finances.  The best part is that this is a cream that works incredibly fast. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to be old or have skin problems in order to benefit from NeriumAD. Its natural healing capabilities can promote healthy skin growth in general and can prevent problems from arising in the first place.

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