Does your job offer these benefits

Does your job offer these benefits

I had a job interview and after the interview we sat down to discuss compensation,

I said I wanted the following:

  1. I would like free merchandise if I get 3 customers of my own;
  2. I want a commission on everything I sell and I want that to increase as I get better;
  3. When I bring on new salespeople to train them, I want a 10% percentage of what they do forever! And, if they bring on people, I want a percentage of anything ever done for as many times that happens. Plus a bonus for both of us!
  4. I expect a $500.00 a month car allowance for a Lexus when my team reaches 12,500 in sales;
  5. I expect the very best technology online to help me be successful and I want training all the time. Plus, I want to travel to places to listen to the top producers, places like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Dallas, Nashville, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Detroit. Oh, and I want you to throw BIG parties at these events;
  6. I want to move up very fast in the company and be asked to speak and share my experiences in only a few months of being here, if I choose to;
  7. When I do well in the company I want LOTS of praise, cash bonuses, free trips, recognition and prizes;
  8. I want my friends and family to work here too and enjoy all the same things I get!
  9. I want to set my own schedule and only work when I want to and when it fits my family’s schedule.

And Jeff Olson Agreed!

Does your job offer these benefits?

Interesting in joining a ground breaking company that does offer these benefits?

We are interviewing now and we are compensating more and more each day!

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