Buy Nerium EHT Brain Supplement On Sale May 15

Nerium’s Brain Enhancement Supplement Begins Friday May 15th

Nerium’s highly anticipated EHT ® Age-Defying Supplement, Mind Enhancement Formula goes on pre-sale on Friday, May 15 in the United States.

This Age-Defying Supplement works to protect the brain against mental decline and decreased function associated with aging.

The EHT patented extract, a natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee, functions by helping strengthen the brain by maintaining robust and healthy neuron connections.

Along with other key ingredients such as B6, B12, D3, Folic Acid, Selenium, and Liopic Acid, this supplement helps create:

  • Stronger cognitive function and overall brain health
  • Fortification of natural brain functions
  • Protection of neuronal networking
  • Enhancement of the body’s natural energy stores
  • A boost to the body’s immune system
  • Increased focus

Pre-Sale for EHT will be available while supplies last. They will be sold in packages of (3). Each package provides a 30-day supply.

What will pricing be?

The (3) EHT packages will cost:

  • Retail: $210 USD
  • Wholesale: $180 USD
  • Auto-Delivery Order Customer/Brand Partner Pricing: $150 USD

Click here to learn about becoming a Brand Partner

EHT will not be available as an ADO item until August 1.

What will the purchase limit be?
There will be a limit of (3) 3-Packs per transaction.

Who can purchase Nerium EHT?
EHT can be purchased by retail and preferred customers, as well as brand partners in the United States.

Where do you purchase Nerium EHT?
Preferred Customers and Brand Partners will purchase EHT during the pre-sale in their Online Business Center.

Anyone can make a retail purchase of EHT by visiting

Click Here to Purchase Nerium EHT

Where can I watch Videos about Nerium EHT?

Check out the two Nerium EHT videos below



Also for those that need more in-depth scientific information on EHT, you can share these papers from Signum Biosciences;

EHT- Fighting the Aging Process Physically and Mentally
EHT- The Changing Brain
EHT-Brain Power

We are very excited for you to experience this breakthrough product!

Click Here to Purchase Nerium EHT

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