Have NeriumAD® products been tested for allergic reactions?

Yes. The products have gone through rigorous dermatological testing.

Is NeriumAD night cream a moisturizer?

No. It is meant as a night-time application and is not designed to moisturize, although there are certain ingredients that can help moisturize. However the NeriumAD Day Cream is a very effective moisturizer.

Can I use NeriumAD products with other skincare products?

There should be no impact on efficacy, but you may want to test a small area with both products to see  if there is any reaction to the combination. Whenever applying multiple products, use the following  rules: apply clearest first then to most opaque, and apply thinnest first then to thickest.

Can I use NeriumAD products on problem skin?

NeriumAD products are cosmetics and should not be used on problem skin without first testing a small  area to ensure there is no reaction to the proprietary compound in the product. NeriumAD products are not designed to treat or heal any skin issues, as they are designed as cosmetics only.

How should NeriumAD products be stored?

The products are creams and can be impacted by both hot and cold temperatures. It is suggested  that the bottles be kept at room temperature as much as possible. Extreme heat and cold can impact  any cosmetic product and NeriumAD products are no different. If you find your product has been  subject to one of these extremes (left in the trunk of your car), please ensure the contents have not  changed color, consistency, or smell before applying or selling.

Are there any dangers to children or pets from eating NeriumAD products?

Toxicology experts have concluded that NeriumAD products are safe, noting that if a one-year-old child ingested the full contents of 400 bottles of NeriumAD product, the child would still only reach a non-toxic dose of NeriumAD. It has also been concluded that the product is non-toxic to pets if accidentally ingested.

Do NeriumAD products have an expiration date?

Currently there is no requirement for an expiration date on a cosmetic, but if the product is stored  correctly, it should have a two-year shelf life. If it has not been stored properly, please ensure the contents have not changed color, consistency, or smell before applying or selling.

Should I change the amount I use for different seasons or temperatures?

As with any skin product, environmental conditions can play a major role in impacting the condition of the skin. If your skin is sunburned or very dry, it is recommended that the amount of NeriumAD products used be reduced to compensate for more sensitive skin conditions.

How often does Nerium International change the formulas of NeriumAD products?

We only made one change to the night cream formula in April of 2012, at which time we replaced the wheat protein with a quinoa protein to make the product gluten free.

Why do NeriumAD products appear different occasionally from one bottle to the next?

Our products are formulated with natural plant proprietary compounds. From season to season, there are small variances in these plant ingredients.

What is the mechanism that NeriumAD products use to reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

NeriumAD products are cosmetics. As such, it is not designed to make any structure changes to the skin.

Are there genetically modified ingredients in NeriumAD products?

Nerium International has required suppliers who provide only non-GMO ingredients.

Are NeriumAD products FDA approved?

The FDA does not review or approve any cosmetic products. Nerium follows all FDA regulations in regards to cosmetics.

Are there safety issues with products that contains the Nerium oleander plant?

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