Frequently Asked Questions About Nerium AD

If you have heard bits and pieces about the new skin care product that has revolutionized  the industry—Nerium AD—and been curious what all the fuss is about; you might appreciate getting a little more information about it.

Nerium AD has been hailed as a “wonder” product for the skin, and if you would love to transform your own skin, restoring it to the beautiful, smooth radiance it once had before time took its toll…these frequently asked questions will help you decide whether or not to try this spectacular discovery for yourself.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Nerium AD:

Q. What are the primary ingredients in Nerium AD?

A. Nerium AD is a botanical derivative of the plant known as Nerium Oleander. This patent pending extract is called Extract NAE-8.

Q. Is Nerium AD safe to use?

A. You might have heard that the Oleander plant is toxic, but the fact is that Nerium Oleander has been proven not to be poisonous or toxic in any way.

Q. How soon will Nerium AD start to bring about improvements in your skin?

A. Obviously, since everyone has different skin and different skin problems with varying degrees of damage from exposure to the sun, acne, hyper pigmentation or age spots—there can’t be a set, hard and fast time table for how long it will take Nerium AD to start working its magic on your particular skin. That being said, many people have reported noticeable improvement in as little as two weeks.

Q. Is it necessary to invest a small fortune into all sorts of Nerium AD products in order to reap the benefits of its use?

A. No, it isn’t. While it’s true that a lot of popular skin care regimes call for buying and using a whole array of different products to achieve success in improving your skin, this isn’t the case with Nerium AD. You use the night cream only, and it penetrates your outer layer of skin to help nurture, nourish and dramatically improve your skin with its unique properties while you sleep.

Q. Should you avoid being in the sun while you are using Nerium AD?

A. No, inasmuch as you should limit your exposure to sun without using Nerium AD. While science has found that a few minutes of sunshine every day contributes to good health, it should be limited to only a few minutes as the sun’s rays are a big contributor to skin damage, as well as skin cancer.

Hopefully you have gained enough useful knowledge now about Nerium AD to give it a try and discover its amazing ability to give you the fresh, youthful looking skin you’ve dreamed of!

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