Do you make these 6 skincare mistakes

Do You Make These 6 Skin Care Mistakes?

With all the mixed information floating online about how to take care of your skin, it’s almost impossible to know up from down. Should you use an alcohol based cleaner for oily skin? Are toners essential? Will chocolate give you pimples? Is baby oil good for moisturizing?

Let’s take a look at a few skin care mistakes that just might be messing you up!

  1. Sticking with the Same Skin Care Routine – Your skin changes as you cycle through life. This means your skin care products should change too. When you turn sweet 16 for example, you don’t need a heavy night cream like you might when you’re 50. And sometimes your skin has just had enough of a product or ingredient. Nerium has an excellent line of products for all skin types. Ones that can move through life with you to support healthy looking skin.
  2. Stuck in a Rut – Researchers and technology are always coming up with new ideas for smoother and younger looking skin. Don’t be afraid to test some of them out. You never know unless you try!
  3. More is Not More – Just because a cleanser is working nicely on your face doesn’t mean washing your face 20 times a day is going to feel better. Nor is it advantageous to put a clay mask on your face every day because you enjoyed how soft your skin felt after the first time. Moderation is key in everything. Never forget it!
  4. Hoarding Old Products – Face products go bad just like your milk does. There’s no use hanging onto an old moisturizer you haven’t used in 6 months just because you think you might need a backup. YOU DON’T!
    Get rid of anything older than 3 months just to make sure you aren’t using an expired product on your skin. Sponges and application tools should be tossed out weekly for fresh ones.
  5. Over Exfoliating When You Have Breakouts – Many people think scrubbing their skin harder is going to help clear up and prevent pimples. Skin experts from Clean and Clear report that stripping your skin of its natural moisture can actually aggravate it and cause breakouts. Gently exfoliate once a week at most in your skin regimen. And always make sure you moisturize afterwards to replenish the nutrients that have been stripped.
  6. Don’t Read the Label on Your Skin Care Products – So many people spend lots of money on expensive facial products and they have no idea what’s in them.
    A pricy product does not guarantee it’s good!
    It’s so very important that you start reading the labels and understand the less ingredients the better. Isopropyl alcohol is something you want to avoid. It’s a common ingredient that easily irritates and dries out the skin.

Use these 6 pointers to help you create healthier habits for your skin. And make sure you include Nerium skin products. Proactive in preventing future skin issues while leaving your skin glowing today!

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