Nerium Business opportunity

Why The Nerium Business Opportunity Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Nerium International has seen record growth over the last 4 years. In Neriums first year of business it set records beating many businesses that are household names today. $100 million in your first year of business is huge!

Nerium first year revenue vs google ebay amazon


And Nerium shows no signs of stopping.  Check out these numbers

  • 2012 – $100 million – 1 product, 1 country – Fastest to DSN Global 100 at #86
  • 2013 – $219 million – Launched Nerium Day Cream – #54 on DSN Global 100
  • 2014 – $405 million – Launched Optimera Formula – opened in Canada and Mexico

Nerium business opportunity

If you invested in Google or Microsoft at the beginning  you are probably set for life. If you didn’t then you may be kicking yourself at missing the opportunity.

Jeff Olson continues to say “We are sitting in seats that have never been sat in before” and he’s right! The company growth is astounding.

Is this your “Microsoft Moment”?

With that in mind, Nerium International has launched new options to join as a brand partner. now it is easier that ever to get started in your own business.

Here is Why The Nerium Business Opportunity Just Got A Whole Lot Better

You can now enroll as a Nerium Brand Partner for as little as $249! That’s cheaper than buying 3 bottles of Nerium at retail price ($330).

Nerium Business Starter PackHere is what you’ll get in your Starter Pack when you sign up:

You can also Join Nerum for as little as $49 but you won’t get any bottles of Nerium Age Defying Night Cream

If you are really serious about starting your own business and have lots of people interested in trying your product then it would be a good idea to jump with one of the upgrade packs. This will stock up your inventory and allow you to have many more people try Nerium without running out or waiting for samples to come back from people who are using it.

There are 3 different upgrade options to suit everyone’s needs.

Check out the image below to see which one fits your desire to grow your business.

Upgrade your Nerium Starter Pack

Don’t look back in 5 years and wish you had joined with Nerium. Join our team today.

Call 949-342-4226 to Get Started or




Nerium International Skincare Company Announces Nerium in Mexico by October and Builds Executive Team

Nerium In Mexico Nerium International™ is expanding its international footprint by opening for business in Mexico by October.

“It is an absolute honor to continue achieving our dream of international expansion. I know we will reach new heights en Mexico as we welcome General Manager of Mexico Alfonso Todd, a remarkable individual who shares the Nerium values and cultures, to our Nerium family,” says Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Olson.

Since its August 2011 launch in the US, Nerium has created skincare products focused on science and clinically proven to produce real results. After achieving numerous records while building millions of consumer fans in the U.S., Nerium expanded throughout Canada this year.

“We are firm believers of slowing down to go fast, and we followed this plan when we started our global journey in Canada earlier this year,” says President of International Roy Truett. “We are thrilled to open Mexico in a way that will ensure our Brand Partners receive the best product, tools, support, and training.”

The Nerium Product Development team spent two years developing Optimera Night and Day Cream, a cutting-edge, anti-aging international product line. As the only line of skincare products on the market containing the patent-pending SAL-14TM extract, Optimera Night and Day cream improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, aging or loose skin and help the skin appear firm and youthful. In clinical trials, 93% of participants had an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and 97% had an improvement in the radiance of their skin.

“There has been a lot of excitement around our international product line, Optimera and that excitement will continue to build as we introduce this product in Mexico,” says Co-CEO Jeff Dahl. “Having worked the Mexico market for six years, with an office in Monterrey, I have a deep appreciation for the local industry and understand the business requirements of our future Brand Partners. Along with Alfonso and Roy, we will make sure to provide a high level of support to our new Brand Partners, and build a record breaking business in Mexico just like we are doing in the U.S. and Canada.”

Alfonso Todd Set to Help Launch Nerium in Mexico

In addition to breakthrough products, Nerium has great leadership heading up this country opening including: General Manager of Mexico Alfonso Todd. With 20 years of industry experience as a marketing director and general manager in Mexico for notable direct selling companies such as: Betterware LTD, Sunrider International, USANA Health Sciences and MonaVie LLC, among others. Todd was also instrumental in launching some of these companies in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, as well as the Hispanic market in the United States.

“I am privileged to join the Nerium team as it grows across borders. It is rare for a company to be as dedicated as Nerium is to expanding internationally while providing extraordinary opportunities for its Brand Partners and customers,” says Todd.



About Nerium International:

Nerium International™, LLC, headquartered in Addison, Texas, is a relationship marketing company that markets breakthrough products validated by science. Since its August 2011 launch in the US, Nerium has reached record-breaking sales and earned industry accolades while building millions of consumer fans along the way. Led by an executive team with more than 200 years of collective industry experience, Nerium International is committed to developing and distributing skincare products that are rooted in real science, produce real results, and improve consumers’ lives. For more information, please visit

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NeriumAD on the view

NeriumAD on the View

NeriumAD on the view


Check out the ladies as they talk about NeriumAD on the View. Watch as they get fired up over the newest age defying skin cream on the market today.

NeriumAD offers amazing results and is now supported by NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream



Buy Nerium skin care products today

Bloggers Challenge NeriumAD Safety with False and Misleading Statements

 [message type=”info”]The following blog post is from Nerium International and can be found here. [/message]

Deceptive bloggers are challenging the safety of NeriumAD with false and misleading statements.

To refute these baseless claims, this post has been compiled to help you share more information on the safety of our product.  The safety of NeriumAD has been verified by renowned physicians and scientists. Watch for an upcoming release of interviews with these accredited professionals.

Why do these bloggers question the safety of NeriumAD?  There are two reasons:  They are uninformed and /or have an ulterior motive for publishing false information.  We do not believe these bloggers are uninformed; rather, they are systematically issuing false statements about NeriumAD and similar beauty products in an attempt to mislead readers and drive internet traffic to their skin care products.  NeriumAD is one of several products that have been targeted by these bloggers.

Many of these bloggers claim credentials that they do not have. For example, the president of one of these blog sites claims to be a licensed physician, but we have proof he is not.  To combat and silence these “experts,” we are in the process of gathering evidence to submit to the appropriate state medical boards and Attorneys General offices.

These blogger attacks serve as a reminder of the importance to verify sources making claims on the internet.  Many of these bloggers fabricate or embellish their credentials and provide misinformation on reputable products for their selfish gain.

We appreciate your help in disseminating the correct safety information about NeriumAD to those who have any questions regarding this subject. We will be releasing more information on this subject soon. A PDF of this communication will be available for you in the document library of your Online Business Center.

We want to stress that protecting our Brand Partners’ integrity is of utmost importance.

Safety Statement from Nerium Skincare

Nerium SkinCare is dedicated to offering skin care solutions that are safe and based on proven science and actual customer success. The primary goal of the company is the development of unique, safe and effective products that are of the highest quality.

Product Safety Testing:

Safety for Nerium SkinCare products starts at the company owned Farming Operations. Fields of Nerium oleander plants (a specific variety) are harvested for the raw plant material utilized in our extraction processing. Utilizing strict biomedical field protocols, the farm provides a dedicated and renewable biomass resource reserved exclusively for biotechnology research, product development, and product production.

Analytical testing for safety begins at the field level and is performed by independent third parties. Prior to harvest, analytical testing is performed for identification of specific components of the plant and includes testing for levels of metals and pesticides. After the processing/milling of the raw plant material, the Nerium oleander powder biomass is again tested for specific components and microbiology for aerobic count, etc.

GMP manufacturing

GMP manufacturing provides for testing at every phase of product production. The first phase is the Nerium oleander biomass extraction process that provides the Nerium extract ingredient (NAE-8™) which is then tested for specific plant components, micro, etc. as are all additional ingredients. Testing continues after each process, cream manufacturing, filling/packaging, and all the way to the finished product. Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the finished product is once again tested by an additional third party laboratory for specific Nerium oleander components to ensure safety and quality. In addition, batch samples for each production run are retained for testing at various intervals thereafter.

NeriumAD Safety:

With the primary goal of product safety and quality, Nerium SkinCare has taken great care with respect to the safety of their lead product NeriumAD. With the identification of potential topical applications from research on Nerium oleander extracts, Nerium SkinCare contracted with ST&T Research (Science, Technology, and Toxicology) to provide additional research and a series of clinical trials for safety and efficacy over a 5 year period (2008-2012).

In each clinical trial safety parameters were set to assess efficacy and evidence of any adverse reactions which included detailed studies of the product’s key ingredients to determine if there was absorption through the skin barrier into the blood. The study protocols compared baseline and weekly testing of study participants utilizing an extremely powerful LC/MS/MS analytical instrumentation (capable of detecting nano-gram sized concentrations) which generated data that confirmed no detectable levels of the of the ingredients were found in the blood.  The ST&T clinical data from the NeriumAD clinical trial confirmed safety.

As confirmation of ST&T data and results, Nerium SkinCare provided these findings along with other data from the world literature to an independent group of MD and PhD Pharmacologist/Toxicologist to review the literature and all clinical data on Nerium oleander and NeriumAD.  The determination of this group is that NeriumAD is safe.

In addition, Nerium SkinCare has presented research, clinical and safety results at various meetings. As an example, a panel discussion of NeriumAD was presented at the Annual Meeting of the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology … (NeriumAD Safety Panel Presentation/Discussion). A group of five scientists included MD’s, pediatricians, toxicologists/pharmacologists and PhD’s, who are professors of Pharmacology and Toxicology and directors of US poison control centers. One of the five is an MD, Ph.D. pharmacologist/toxicologist and a former Medical Officer for the Food and Drug Administration. Needless to say, this is a very distinguished panel with the ability and credibility to speak to safety; they are also recognized members of the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology.

The presentation/discussion included the review of Dr. Newman’s research and ST&T clinical data, a review of the data base of the American Association of Poison Control Centers as it relates to Nerium oleander, data from the world literature, and a discussion regarding some of the myths about Nerium oleander which have sprung up in folklore. Also discussed was the potential toxicity of NeriumAD as it relates to accidental ingestion by children, and a relative risk comparison to other safe products that are also known to contain natural occurring toxic compounds. The conclusion of this panel is that NeriumAD is safe. To share a comment on NeriumAD as it relates to children, the Pediatric MD, Pharmacologist/Toxicologist panelist commented that if a 1 year old child ate the full contents of 400 bottles of NeriumAD, the child would still only reach a non-toxic dose of NeriumAD.

Quality Statement:

 [message type=”info”]As a commitment to quality, Nerium SkinCare will not compromise on the quality of our products. The quality of Nerium’s products is a direct result of the investment made into its people, the scientific research, new technology development, natural farming methods, biomass processing, cGMP production facilities, product safety testing, and independent verification.[/message]


10 Reasons Why You Should Join Nerium

1. Nerium International is founded by the Olson family.

Jeff Olson has excelled in network marketing since 1989. He has been a top distributor all over the world. He has  been the founder of companies. He has been a  successful and respected CEO. He has consulted and trained the many of the most successful companies on the planet. He is the best selling author of the ground breaking personal development book The Slight Edge.

2. Nerium is built on a foundation of science.

Our Biotech Partner is a world class biotech firm that is pioneering research in many different areas of medicine. They are highly revered for their contribution to cancer research. During their research on the dermal uses of Nerium Oleander they stumbled upon an anti-aging breakthrough. Nerium International has exclusive global rights to distribute all future products  developed by our biotech partner as a subsidiary of Nerium Skincare.

3. Nerium is a ground floor opportunity with all-star leadership

Although they are a ground floor opportunity, the management team has over 150 years combined experience creating and growing legendary companies in the direct selling industry.

4. Nerium has a simple system.

Nerium has a simple system that focuses on sharing the product. It’s called the product prospecting system. Nerium has built their training and systems around sharing not selling.

5. Nerium AD actually works!

People get results when they use Nerium AD.

6. Nerium International has an incredible culture.

One of my favorite parts of being a Nerium Brand Partner is the Culture. Unlike other companies in this industry, Nerium is a professional, fun place where everybody feels welcome. As Jeff Olson says  ” this is a company with REAL people”. All to often in network marketing people act too big for their britches! Nerium has created a refreshing culture of authenticity. You will meet and associate with genuine, like minded people.

7. Nerium has first class marketing tools.

Nerium hit the ground running. They didn’t do a soft lauch or prelaunch they just started. What is sticks out most to people when they look at Nerium International is how professional their tools are. No expense was spared in branding. Every thing looks like a million bucks. From the Nerium website, to the new brand partner kit, to the Nerium brand partner back office, everything is first class and state of the art. As of the first quarter of 2012 they are introducing an all inclusive contact manager and mobile app! Nerium is truly cutting edge.

8. Nerium has a management team who have had tremendous success in the field.

Most of the time mlm companies have a disconnect between the distributor force and corperate. At Nerium International the management knows that a downline is a living organism. Nerium is constantly getting feedback  from field leaders so that they can anticipate and navigate challenges smoothly. The home office team from  the CEO to customer support staff take on a supportive role to compliment the efforts of the field. It’s truly a relationship where you feel like you are a Brand Partner, not just a distributor, building together toward a common goal.

9. Nerium has an incredible compensation plan.

Everyone in the industry thinks that their comp plan is the best. Nerium can back it up. When you dive into the comp plan you will discover that it is simply amazing. It takes care of the newcomer as well as the professional network marketer. It’s quite ingenious and unique!

10. Nerium has the potential to become a recognized brand around the world.

Every now and then a person finds themselves in the right place at the right time. Seeing and learning about Nerium International at this very moment counts as one of those times. Nerium is poised for explosive growth and is destined to be a household name. Consider this. Skin care is a multi billion dollar industry. Can you think of one company out there anywhere in the skin care business that has the confidence in their product to have you take a before picture let you try the product for 30 days and then asks you to take an after picture to compare the results? Then if you don’t like it will refund your money. Nerium can afford to do this because the product delivers! Because of this Nerium will become a world renown brand. It is a true break through.