How to Apply Nerium Night Cream

Nerium’s Age-Defying Night Cream combats the natural aging process using a unique and patented formula unlike any other on the market. Nerium’s clinically-tested Night Cream targets the causes of skin damage and boosts the cell renewal process to reveal younger-looking skin.

Fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration appear as we age… it’s inevitable. Nerium’s Night Cream counters those signs of aging and helps guard against further damage as you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

How to Apply Nerium Night Cream

For best results, thoroughly cleanse your face to remove any dirt and oil. With your face still slightly damp, apply four to five pumps to create a thin layer of Night Cream over your face and neck. It’s important your face remains damp during application as the moisture helps create a mask-like effect that adheres the powerful ingredients and antioxidants to the skin for optimal benefits.

Prior to applying for the first time, make sure you take a “before” picture. Retake the same picture after each month to keep track of your skin’s progress and compare photos.

Night Cream was designed for use at night during your skin’s rest-and-repair cycle. Unlike many other night creams, you never have to worry about this product rubbing off on your pillow, meaning it remains in place working for you during the night. It is normal for your face to feel tighter after the product dries. In the morning, simply rinse your face – that’s it!

Additionally, Night Cream’s multifunctional qualities make it ideal for use on your décolletage and hands.

Third party clinical studies revealed that after 30 days of consistent nightly use, skin felt more moisturized and hydrated. After only 60 days, the skin appeared more smooth and firm. And after just 90 days and beyond of nightly application, the skin appeared more radiant and youthful-looking.

Look as young as you feel with Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream!

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Get rid of wrinkles once and for all

Get Rid of Wrinkles Once and For All!

It really doesn’t matter how old you are because most people above 30 are at least starting to worry about wrinkles.

If you don’t have the right information to battle wrinkles then you are setting yourself up to lose the battle. If you are in your 30s you might just be slightly interested in knowing more about wrinkles. And if you’re hitting the middle mark of 50, you’re definitely looking for ways to prevent wrinkles or at least reduce the look. And even if you are well into your 60s there are always ways to feel better about yourself and your appearance.

What’s the Solution?

Arm yourself with the tips and tricks and deep dark secrets of the wellness prevention industry to zap your wrinkles.

It’s true, aging is one of those things we all have in common. But what’s not true is that you have to look your age.

Newsflash… You Don’t!

Here are some take-action pointers to help you battle wrinkling and WIN!

  1. Get your butt out of the sun! There are oodles of studies showing the more people are in the sun the earlier the wrinkles will set in. In fact, sun exposure was shown to be more important in predicting wrinkles and aging skin than hereditary means!
  2. No smoking sticks please. Everybody knows smoking is bad for you and one of the first things to go on a smother is their youthful appearance. Smoking deprives your skin and body of oxygen, which of course fast-forwards the aging process. Smoking triggers a breakdown of collagen and elastin, which are essential to healthy firm skin. Just don’t smoke and you’re not creating wrinkles early.
  3. Get your zzz’s. If you aren’t sleeping properly your body is releases too much cortisol. This hormone breaks down your skin cells to start the wrinkling process. When you get enough sleep you create HGH, which keeps skin thick and elastic!
  4. Use a good anti-aging moisturizer like Nerium AD. There’s no doubt that especially for women, simply moisturizing your face deters wrinkles. Fine lines and creases are far less noticeable when your skin is plump and moist.
  5. Make sure you wear sunglasses! Scientific research shows when you are repeating a facial action like squinting, you’re overworking your facial muscles and creating a groove beneath your skin’s surface. In time your groove will transform into a wrinkle. Sunglasses are simple because they dually protect your eyes from sun damage and from wrinkling on you.
  6. Munch on more complex carbs – fruits and veggies. These antioxidant loaded foods have the power to fight free-radicals, which aren’t your friend. This healthy food eating makes your skin appear younger looking and you’ll radiate.

Each of these pointers is going to help you step up your game in the fight to get get rid of wrinkles , where there can only be one winner – YOU!

3 Short Cuts for Less Wrinkles

3 Short Cuts for Less Wrinkles

Less is More When Battling Face Creases

Anti-Aging Tip-Top Secrets Revealed

It’s safe to say there’s not likely anyone on the face of the earth that absolutely loves the skin they’re in. Sure we all have our moments but for the most part we always seem to be battling. Need I uncover the most terrifying skin battle of all? There’s no surprise it’s wrinkles. That mental-physical factor you can’t avoid forever, that’s constantly and without mercy reminding you that you’re starting to crinkle. UGH!

Well you always have choice. You can choose to lay down and let the wrinkles implant all over you. Or you can take a stand and battle them to slow down so they are almost standing still.

Here are 3 pointers for less wrinkles:

Get Your Sweat on!

What many people don’t realize is how many impurities we subject our skin to just from the air we breathe and environments we live in. You skin is constantly absorbing smoke, pollution, dust, and all sorts of other impurities that trigger wrinkles. In large part because all that crap interferes with nutrient, water, and essential oxygen absorption. By getting your sweat on at the gym you are flushing all that waste crap and opening the door to fresh air and nutrition. Which of course will help keep wrinkles away.

Many scientific studies have been done to show in general people that got regular exercise had younger looking skin than people that didn’t. A no-brainer move if you’re serious about telling wrinkles to go take a hike.

Make Better Food Choices

Skin experts point out that if you are serious about preventing wrinkles you’ve got to commit to healthier eating. This means ditching the high bad fat processed fast foods and opting for plenty of lean protein, complex carbs, mainly from fresh fruits and veggies, small amounts of healthy unsaturated fat, and of course oodles of water!

You are what you eat is so true!

When you’re fueling your body with plenty of healthy energy you are giving it the power to battle wrinkles and win from the inside out!

Religiously Use Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Arguably the best of the best anti-aging moisturizer is scientifically formulated, all-natural, never tested on animals, Nerium AD. The reviews speak for themselves but this miraculous anti-aging cream stops wrinkles cold because of its specialty ingredient formula designed specifically to stop wrinkles cold and restore a youthful healthy essence to your skin.

By using this moisture sealer in the morning and at night, you are ensuring preventative action against wrinkles while enhancing your natural beautiful glow. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30s or 60s because positive results arise across the board.

There’s nothing really fun about aging. At least none that come to mind. Use these tactics to help you prevent and reduce the signs of aging because you can. And commit to Nerium anti-aging skincare products to ensure you look the best ever in your skin no matter what stage of life you’re in. It really doesn’t take much to make all the difference in the world with Nerium AD. Time for you to see for yourself!

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4 lies about nerium that arent fact

4 Lies About Nerium That Aren’t Fact!

Get the RIGHT Information to Make Wise-Owl Smart Skin Choices

Beautiful Skin is a No-Brainer with Nerium

Unfortunately we live in a cut-throat world where you’ve always got to watch your back. If you come out with a new fantabulous health and wellness product the first thing skeptics do is look to take you down. And some will do whatever it takes to make that happen. How do your counteract this? With the FACTS!

FACT – Nerium is an advanced natural antioxidant skin product derived from a toxic plant that’s widely harvested in the Mediterranean. From this medical plant comes a new age-defying face cream called NeriumAD. And from these miraculous roots a series of skin products to help reverse aging and leave you looking years younger without invasion. That’s the beauty of it! And who doesn’t want to improve their skin no matter your age or skin condition?


Here are 4 Lies About Nerium We Need to Debunk IMMEDIATELY 

Myth 1 – Because Nerium comes from a toxic plant it’s dangerous!

Truth – It’s true Nerium is derived from the poisonous plant nerium oleander. But that doesn’t mean the product is toxic. Just because a plant has toxins in it doesn’t mean the whole thing is poisonous. It’s the medicinal all-natural antioxidants that are so beneficial from this plant. That’s what’s used to help prevent the aging process by reducing the signs of wrinkles, brightening your skin, level textures, and greatly improving the overall look of your skin. Healthy and age-defying is what Nerium is all about!

Myth 2 – The alcohol in Nerium will dry your skin out and make you look older than your years.

Truth – It’s true there are alcohols in Nerium that may be controversial. But that’s because everyone reacts to them differently. You might eat an apple and gain energy, where another person may get sick because they can’t swallow the skin. Everyone reacts differently to alcohol in their skin products but that doesn’t make it bad for everyone.

If you are highly sensitive to alcohol in general you are going to have to test the waters with Nerium to see if it works for you. Plain and simple!

Myth 3 – Nerium skin products are highly allergic.

Truth – This couldn’t be further from the truth. There have been a few isolated cases of people reporting allergic reactions to this skin care product. That’s true. But again this seems to be the exception to the rules. I’m allergic to deodorant with aluminum in it…sometimes. So does that make all deodorants with aluminum in them an allergy alert?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Silly Yahoos need to keep things in perspective. When trying a new product you’ve got to use common sense but don’t judge a product because of another person’s issues. Onward!

Myth 4 – Younger looking skin is guaranteed in just a few days!

Truth – Are you freakin kidding me? Any claim like that is magic and so far magic isn’t scientifically proven! Nerium has been tested and stamped as an all-natural scientifically based skin care product that can improve the look of your skin fast. There are too many factors involved to pin a date on the results and you’ve got to give the cream time to work into your skin before you’re going to see visible results. That just makes sense.

Some people see results within a few days and others take longer. Try it and see for yourself!

You never know unless you try. Nerium is an exciting new opportunity for you to improve your skin, prevent aging, and fight the process daily. And when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle you are setting yourself up to WIN!

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NFL Players Sydney Rice and Steve Weatherford Donate their Brains to Science

Neriums New EHT Mind Enhancement Supplement has been at the center of the media lately as the discussion on the importance of brain health advances. Not only is it an innovative, patented ingredient that comes from EHT comes from 20 years of research out of Dr. Jeffry Stock’s Princeton University labs, but it also has the backing of some major NFL players that have donated their brains to medicl science.

Catch up on the latest interviews with the 2 NFL stars


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Nerium Mothers Day Gift Sets Available Now.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – treat friends, family and prospects to the gift of confidence with the timeless glow you can only find with Nerium skincare. This set is perfect for gift giving and includes one bottle each of Age-Defying Night and Day Creams, NeriumAD® Formula and one tube of Firming Body Contour Cream, NeriumAD Formula.

This Mother’s Day, give her a gift from Nerium that helps her feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Each of our Mother’s Day Gift Sets arrives pre-wrapped in a gorgeous branded box and includes a thoughtful message.

There are two sets to choose from:


Nerium Mothers Day Gift Sets

Nerium EHT Age Defying Supplement-for Brain Health

Nerium EHT Age-Defying Supplement!

Breaking News! Nerium International obtains exclusive global rights to patented EHT® molecule. Nerium EHT Pre-Release Sale starts on May 15, 2015

Nerium EHT Age Defying Supplement for Optimal Brain Health

What is EHT®?

Nerium is dedicated to a comprehensive approach to anti-aging, using exclusive breakthrough ingredients. We are taking our anti-aging product line to the next level with the addition of EHT® , an Age-Defying Supplement that helps protect the brain against mental decline and decreased function that comes with aging. This exclusive patented bio-extract comes after 20 years of research out of Jeffry Stock’s Princeton University labs. EHT creates stronger neural connections, which lead to the ability to create stronger synaptic connections. The result – increased brain performance for a healthy, focused mind.

The Nerium EHT supplement

Nerium EHT Promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health.

  • Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions.
  • Protects and supports neuronal networking.
  • Enhances the body’s natural energy stores.
  • Boosts the body’s immune system.

Now your face, body, and mind can reflect your youth with Nerium’s product line!

Learn more about the science behind EHT and how it can benefit you.

EHT® in the News

EHT has recently been at the center of media buzz during March’s Brain Injury Awareness month, as it was a leader in advancing the discussion on optimal brain health.

Watch this highlight reel including Fox & Friends, CNN, and more!

Learn More!

Initially this product will be available in the US, with international availability soon! We will have a first-come, first-serve pre-release sale starting May 15. Be one of the first to try this breakthrough product! We will fully introduce EHT into the product lineup on August 1. For more details click here.


Nerium international New Branding

New Product Branding for Nerium International

Nerium is taking on a new look with our global product rebranding!

By fine-tuning the look and feel of our product names, packaging and more, we’ve embraced a more unified, upscale presentation, that will make sharing Nerium’s products across different markets around the globe that much easier for you! All Nerium’s products, regardless of the specific formula they use, now look a part of the global Nerium product profile.

This effort to become more unified in our branding has led to the following changes in our product naming:

Nerium AD is now known as Age Defying Day/Night Cream, Nerium AD Formula

Nerium AD Age Defying Day Night Cream Nerium AD Formula

Optimera is now named Age Defying Day/Night Cream, Optimera Formula

Optimera Age defying Day Night Cream Optimera Formula

NeriumFirm is now called Firming Body Contour Cream

NeriumFirm Firming Body Contour Cream

The Ultimate Nerium Firm Results Page

The Ultimate NeriumFirm Results Page

What Are You Struggling With?

Are you struggling with a little extra cellulite on your thighs? Maybe your stomach could do with a little skin tightening. Maybe you have some dimpling on your behind and could do with firming it up or smoothing the skin for summer. Maybe you just want to restore that youthful appearance of young firm skin on your body. Whatever the issue then NeriumFirm may be the solution for you.

Have you Heard of NeriumFirm?

Following the amazing  success of the NeriumAD age-defying skincare line, Nerium International developed NeriumFirm, a skin-tightening body cream developed from the patented NAE-8 extract of the Nerium oleander plant.

What Does NeriumFirm Do?

Its powerful antioxidant formulation has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and to help smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin. NeriumFirm also helps restore the appearance of youthful contour, tone and texture.

How Do You Use NeriumFirm

Apply 1 – 2 teaspoons of NeriumFirm with gentle circular massaging motions to the targeted area (from the knee to the hip, the buttocks, the arms and/or abdomen), ideally while skin is warm and damp, then allow to dry 5 – 8 minutes prior to bedtime or dressing.

Best used after showering and exfoliating on clean damp skin. You may experience a tingling or warming sensation and a little erythema (redness of the skin), which will dissipate quickly. DO NOT mix with other products and make sure the targeted area is clean, damp, and free of lotions or products.

Want to supercharge your results? Add a second application of NeriumFirm in the morning!

Check out the following galleries and decide if NeriumFirm is right for you, and with a 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.


NeriumFirm for Your Stomach

NeriumFirm works wonders on the stomach. Many women and men have a few extra pounds around their waist and stomach and NeriumFirm is great for tightening up the skin or helping to banish a little extra cellulite.

Official NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures of the Stomach

Unofficial NeriumFirm Before and After pictures of the Stomach


NeriumFirm for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are streaks or stripes on the skin, especially on the abdomen, caused by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy. NeriumFirm  has been developed to smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin so it makes sense that NeriumFirm would address stretch marks. NeriumFirm is a great product to use for anyone who has a little extra bellyfat after having a few babies, or maybe you are in the process of getting fit for summer and loosing all the winter weight, NeriumFirm is great for keeping that skin tight as you burn the fat with your workouts.

Official Nerium Firm Before and After for Stretch Marks

UnOfficial NeriumFirm Before and After for Stretch Marks


NeriumFirm for Your Back and Love Handles

Do you have a little extra to hold on too? Do you have a love handle or two that you could maybe do without. NeriumFirm body contouring cream is great for tightening up those little problem areas.

Nothing can compare to making good food choices on your dinner plate and exercising daily but NeriumFirm can be that little secret that can help smooth and tighten the skin.

UnOfficial NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Back and Love Handles


NeriumFirm For Your Thighs

Everyone loves a good pair of thighs but the first thing people will notice, even with well toned thighs is that little problem of cellulite. According to WedMD  “Cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker.”

NeriumFirm’s powerful antioxidant formulation has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and to help smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin. Who doesn’t want that. Check out some of the images below.

Official NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Thighs


UnOfficial NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Thighs


NeriumFirm For Your Knees

Knees always get looked over but if you have a little extra sagging skin on your lower half then the knees can be where it all starts to pucker up. Knees aren’t the prettiest part of the body but add some extra skin and a hot summer day and you’ll wish you had done something about them earlier. NeriumFirm has been developed to smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin and that’s exactly what it does. See the images below for before and after images

Official NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Knees


UnOfficial NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Knees


NeriumFirm For Your Butt or Bum

Everyone loves a good butt, and this is usually the biggest trouble spot for most people. Its where most of the extra fat ends up, its prone to cellulite and can make a good bathing suit look terrible. Again the real secret to getting a good butt is lots of squats and smart healthy eating to get rid of the extra cushion, but adding in NeriumFirm to your daily regimen can help you get the results you want faster.

Official NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Butts or Bums


UnOfficial NeriumFirm Before and After Pictures for Butts or Bums


Buy NeriumFirm

No products found which match your selection.

NeriumFirm Ingredients

Water, NAE-8 Proprietary Blend (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Nerium Oleander Extract), Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Peptide Matrix (Collagen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans), Caffeine, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Isohexadecane, Ceteareth-20,
Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Stearate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Dimethicone, Ethylhexylglycerin, Xanthan Gum, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Coleus Forskohlii Root Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Disodium EDTA, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate.

NeriumFirm Money Back Guarantee

Nerium International™ is sure you will be happy with your order. However, if for any reason you wish to return your product, we gladly offer a 30-day, money-back  satisfaction guarantee to all Retail and Preferred Customers. If a Retail or Preferred Customer is dissatisfied with any product for any reason, you may return the item in its original packaging, along with the original invoice, to Nerium International within 30 days of the purchase for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping.


For More Info download the NeriumFirm Product Guide




Opportunity with Nerium

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Opportunity With Nerium

Nerium has some amazing products but it is also has an amazing business opportunity for those that wish apply themselves, work hard and dream big!

The Skin Care Market

  • The anti-aging market is an $80 billion-dollar industry in the US alone, and is expected to grow to $114 billion within the next three years.
  • In three years’ time, the anti-aging market in the US alone will be almost as big as the direct sales industry worldwide ($125 billion).
  • Nine of the top ten billion-dollar direct sales companies are in the beauty category.
  • Over 50% of the wealth generated in the direct sales industry comes from the beauty category, which is larger than all other categories combined.
  • Nerium International is in the highest-selling category within beauty, which is dermal.Within dermal, Nerium International is in the fastest-growing section of that, which is anti-aging. Skincare products are the “stickiest” products in the industry.
  • Consumer loyalty to skincare, specifically anti-aging, is very high. This leads to a very high retention rate in customers.

Nerium Products

  • NeriumAD is a breakthrough product in the dominant category in the industry.
  • The unprecedented results and clinical testing of NeriumAD provide a huge differential to
    other skincare products.
  • Our relationship with Nerium Skincare, a division of Nerium Biotechnology, creates a huge barrier of entry that includes patents, sourcing, and lengthy biotechnology research. This ensures that our products will never be replicated.
  • We have the exclusive global rights to Nerium Skincare’s product line for both present and future products.
  • When you combine a breakthrough product in the dominant category in this industry with the high customer retention due breakthrough results, that provides you a foundation for a real opportunity.


  • The unilevel compensation plan has proven over decades to be the most honest and sustainable for long-term wealth creation.
  • Nerium International has built the ultimate unilevel compensation plan that provides a path to success for both immediate and long-term income.
  • The high retention of customers also provides for a long-term sustainable residual income.

Click here To get started with Nerium and have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a difference in your own financial and personal lives, as well as in the lives of others.