3 Short Cuts for Less Wrinkles

3 Short Cuts for Less Wrinkles

Less is More When Battling Face Creases

Anti-Aging Tip-Top Secrets Revealed

It’s safe to say there’s not likely anyone on the face of the earth that absolutely loves the skin they’re in. Sure we all have our moments but for the most part we always seem to be battling. Need I uncover the most terrifying skin battle of all? There’s no surprise it’s wrinkles. That mental-physical factor you can’t avoid forever, that’s constantly and without mercy reminding you that you’re starting to crinkle. UGH!

Well you always have choice. You can choose to lay down and let the wrinkles implant all over you. Or you can take a stand and battle them to slow down so they are almost standing still.

Here are 3 pointers for less wrinkles:

Get Your Sweat on!

What many people don’t realize is how many impurities we subject our skin to just from the air we breathe and environments we live in. You skin is constantly absorbing smoke, pollution, dust, and all sorts of other impurities that trigger wrinkles. In large part because all that crap interferes with nutrient, water, and essential oxygen absorption. By getting your sweat on at the gym you are flushing all that waste crap and opening the door to fresh air and nutrition. Which of course will help keep wrinkles away.

Many scientific studies have been done to show in general people that got regular exercise had younger looking skin than people that didn’t. A no-brainer move if you’re serious about telling wrinkles to go take a hike.

Make Better Food Choices

Skin experts point out that if you are serious about preventing wrinkles you’ve got to commit to healthier eating. This means ditching the high bad fat processed fast foods and opting for plenty of lean protein, complex carbs, mainly from fresh fruits and veggies, small amounts of healthy unsaturated fat, and of course oodles of water!

You are what you eat is so true!

When you’re fueling your body with plenty of healthy energy you are giving it the power to battle wrinkles and win from the inside out!

Religiously Use Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Arguably the best of the best anti-aging moisturizer is scientifically formulated, all-natural, never tested on animals, Nerium AD. The reviews speak for themselves but this miraculous anti-aging cream stops wrinkles cold because of its specialty ingredient formula designed specifically to stop wrinkles cold and restore a youthful healthy essence to your skin.

By using this moisture sealer in the morning and at night, you are ensuring preventative action against wrinkles while enhancing your natural beautiful glow. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30s or 60s because positive results arise across the board.

There’s nothing really fun about aging. At least none that come to mind. Use these tactics to help you prevent and reduce the signs of aging because you can. And commit to Nerium anti-aging skincare products to ensure you look the best ever in your skin no matter what stage of life you’re in. It really doesn’t take much to make all the difference in the world with Nerium AD. Time for you to see for yourself!

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11 Health Mistakes You Dont Know Youre Making

11 Health Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Knowledge is Power for Optimal Health

Don’t Try to be Perfect – Just Create Healthier Habits

Health and wellness deserves a big picture mentality. It’s not just about choosing healthy grilled free range salmon over farm raised. Or about peeling yourself off your sofa to get hooked on fat blasting, muscle building, and incredibly energizing interval training boot camp sessions. Or even about shedding you skin to find your true potential through mindfulness meditation.

Fabulous Health is a Multifactorial Process that Evolves and Needs Your Attention Every Day of Your Life Till Death Do You Part!

If you want glowing gorgeous skin you’ve got to eat right, exercise daily, cleanse your face properly, and for bonus point’s tap into Nerium skin products. They are scientifically formulated to fight the natural aging signs by replenishing your skin with all the healthy vitamins, minerals, and protective antioxidants essential to beautiful skin.

Here Are 10 More Health Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Watch Where You Air Out Your Dirty LaundryOprah.com experts tell you to make sure your stinky hockey equipment airs out with nature and not in your house. It’s loaded with bacterial that is seriously dangerous.

Don’t Brush Teeth Right After Eating – Studies show this can strip enamel. Instead drink a glass of water and wait 30 minutes before brushing your pearly whites.

Keep Potatoes Out of Fridge – Oxidation occurs with temperature change and the cold reacts with the starches to create more sugar, triggering carcinogens, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A dark unrefrigerated place works best for your potatoes. And opt for the sweet ones because they’re healthier than high glycemic index regular potatoes.

Take Aspirin for HangoversParker University in Dallas found taking pain pills with alcohol increases your risk of kidney disease. Aspirin interferes with the breakdown of alcohol and dehydration occurs when drinking alcohol, which also stresses your kidneys. Your best bet is to drink lots of water and sleep it off.

Making Out With a Smoker – It’s not just the yellow teeth, hands and skin, and the icky breath that’s a turnoff. Cancer experts report the toxins from kissing a smoker can weaken the immune system defenses is your throat. Eventually this can lead to serious disease.

Always Ordering a Salad – Diversity is key to good health and salads can be worse than a burger and fries if you aren’t careful. Fried chicken, bacon bits, croutons, full fat dressing, and too much cheese are just a few item that can kill a salad. Opt for a drizzle of low-fat dressing, grilled chicken or salmon, plenty of fresh veggies, a few nuts and seeds, and maybe a little avocado and you’re on track!

Skipping Your Sunscreen – This will only give you wrinkles faster because the sun damages your complexion. Protect your skin with sunscreen and make sure it’s nourished properly with Nerium Skin Care Products created to protect and beautify your skin naturally.

Flossing Your TeethFox News reports not flossing increases your risk of gum disease. That leads to rotten teeth no matter how many times you brush. Just floss twice a day and make your dentist smile.

No Weights at the Gym – Building lean muscle boosts your metabolism, blasts fat, tones and strengthens your body, and makes you look freakin hot in your string bikini! Just 15-20 minutes of intense strength training 3 times a week is all you need.

No Pain No Gain Attitude – It’s great to be tough but when your body is aching it’s telling you something. Listen to it and take action when required.

Your health matters. Make sure you focus on all factors of good health by eating right, exercising like you mean it, socializing, practicing a healthy lifestyle, and making sure you take care of your outside beautiful with groundbreaking Nerium Age Defying Skincare Products. Time for you to get healthy from the outside-In!

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Avoid These 4 Things When Washing Your Face

Avoid These 4 Things When Washing Your Face

Nerium International is hot off the market announcing breakthrough products that are natural and science-backed to help you improve your skin. Let’s face it, inevitably we all age and one of the first signs your clock is ticking is dry skin, wrinkles, and other unwelcome changes that steal your once soft subtle glow.

When Nerium works best is when you are taking care of your skin with proper cleansing, using sunscreen, taking off make-up off properly, and choosing to use a Nerium night cream to help seal in the moisture your skin needs to rejuvenate and replenish as you sleep.

Try to Avoid These 4 Things When Washing Your Face…

1. Don’t Use An Over The Counter Acne Medication

Acne medication is very hard on your skin and there are many facial cleanser that include aggressive acne ingredients. If you have sensitive skin this is going to make very difficult to find that important moisture balance. When possible avoid acne anything and look to cleanse your face gently and naturally.

2. Don’t Scrub Your Face

Scrubbing your face doesn’t get it cleaner. You can actually damage your face if you use abrasive scrubs on your face by damaging the outer layer of your skin. Wash your face gently and be sure to moisturize after with NeriumAD.

3. Don’t Use Dirty Hands

It doesn’t matter if you are washing your face or not if your hands are dirty. Basically you are just clogging your pores again. Make sure your hands are clean before you attempt to wash your face.

4. Don’t Overwash Your Face

Over-washing leads to drying your face out and stripping it of essential moisture and nutrients it requires to be heathy. Get into the habit of washing your face morning and night and leave it at that. WebMD skin experts recommend you speak with your doctor if you are battling acne or other conditions of the skin to create a cleansing regimen that works for you.

Your Skin Solutions start with NeriumAD!

NeriumAD is a Nerium Skincare product created to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, abnormal pores, discoloration, and other troublesome signs of aging skin. This miracle product has helped thousands of people regain their beautiful complexion and confidence in their appearance. Nobody has to let aging win.

Choose NeriumAD and fight those wrinkles to look years younger than your biological age.

5 Tips To Focus On Wellness In Your Workouts

Getting up the motivation to go to the gym, work up a sweat, take a class, or lift weights is usually motivated by one thing: our desire to drop pounds and tone up. But somewhere along the road to fitness, most people discover a great side benefit to working out. Their health increases. Maybe your energy improved dramatically, your skin looks better, you’re sleeping through the night or your doctor was impressed with your latest blood test results at your annual physical. Whatever you’ve noticed, putting your focus on wellness as well as weight loss will keep you committed to hitting the gym. Here are five things you can do before, during, or after your next workout to improve your health.

  1. Fuel up with the good stuff: The benefits of juicing are well documented, and general interest has surged thanks to gurus like Kris Carr and films like Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. We’re not talking about sugar laden fruit juice, but fresh veggie juices or fruit and veggie blends (freggies, anyone?) that deliver a massive nutrient blast to your cells. In addition to nourishing your body, loading up on liquid veggies before a workout will help fuel you through the toughest workouts. Fresh juices are also a great and tasty way to stay hydrated.
  2. Spend 10 minutes stretching: Start your workout by stretching it out. We don’t just mean a few lunges to loosen your hamstrings. One of the biggest and most depressing side effects of aging is that we lose flexibility and feel stiffer after working out or waking up. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to work stretching into your routine. Whether it’s a simple stretching regimen or something inspired by yoga or Pilates, 10 minutes before or after each work out with leave you limber and relaxed. It’ll also amp up your performance during workouts and help combat a loss of flexibility due to age.
  3. Listen to a book on tape while you work out: Do you usually zone out to a top 40 list or whatever’s on the gym TV while you work out? What if you used that time to pull some motivational or educational material off the shelf and listen to it? Anything from a Tony Robbins style program to the latest book on health and nutrition will help you yourself with information to more effectively advocate for your wellness. Nourish your mind as well as your body and you’ll find that you look forward to workouts on more than one level.
  4. Talk to a trainer: Did your gym membership come with an orientation or training session that you never took advantage of? Chatting with a trainer can have several benefits for your overall wellness that go beyond losing weight. Do you have a specific nagging pain? Get advice on how to strengthen those muscles. Need to find productive ways to blow off stress? A trainer can give you ideas on how to shake up your workout, address specific needs, and use your gym time to achieve non-fitness goals (e.g. reducing stress or sleeping better).
  5. Focus on your goals:Another way that gym time can help keep you well is by giving you time to think and process. In our overly busy world with constant connectivity, it can be a challenge to find time to process everything. Yet taking some quiet time to clear your mind and meditate; to visualize the goals that we want to achieve; or to simply relax our brains and reflect on what we’re grateful for can transform your mindset. If you’re not getting this time elsewhere in your day, consider incorporating it into your workout.

The benefits of hitting the gym go way beyond our waistlines. What are your favorite ways to incorporate wellness into your workouts?

About The Author: Shawn Tremaine is a personal trainer and health and fitness writer, and has reviewed New York Yoga. In his spare time he coaches his sons soccer team, helping everyone learn the fundamentals.