Avoid These 4 Things When Washing Your Face

Avoid These 4 Things When Washing Your Face

Nerium International is hot off the market announcing breakthrough products that are natural and science-backed to help you improve your skin. Let’s face it, inevitably we all age and one of the first signs your clock is ticking is dry skin, wrinkles, and other unwelcome changes that steal your once soft subtle glow.

When Nerium works best is when you are taking care of your skin with proper cleansing, using sunscreen, taking off make-up off properly, and choosing to use a Nerium night cream to help seal in the moisture your skin needs to rejuvenate and replenish as you sleep.

Try to Avoid These 4 Things When Washing Your Face…

1. Don’t Use An Over The Counter Acne Medication

Acne medication is very hard on your skin and there are many facial cleanser that include aggressive acne ingredients. If you have sensitive skin this is going to make very difficult to find that important moisture balance. When possible avoid acne anything and look to cleanse your face gently and naturally.

2. Don’t Scrub Your Face

Scrubbing your face doesn’t get it cleaner. You can actually damage your face if you use abrasive scrubs on your face by damaging the outer layer of your skin. Wash your face gently and be sure to moisturize after with NeriumAD.

3. Don’t Use Dirty Hands

It doesn’t matter if you are washing your face or not if your hands are dirty. Basically you are just clogging your pores again. Make sure your hands are clean before you attempt to wash your face.

4. Don’t Overwash Your Face

Over-washing leads to drying your face out and stripping it of essential moisture and nutrients it requires to be heathy. Get into the habit of washing your face morning and night and leave it at that. WebMD skin experts recommend you speak with your doctor if you are battling acne or other conditions of the skin to create a cleansing regimen that works for you.

Your Skin Solutions start with NeriumAD!

NeriumAD is a Nerium Skincare product created to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, abnormal pores, discoloration, and other troublesome signs of aging skin. This miracle product has helped thousands of people regain their beautiful complexion and confidence in their appearance. Nobody has to let aging win.

Choose NeriumAD and fight those wrinkles to look years younger than your biological age.

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