Imagine you went to the store and bought a fantastic new pair of shoes. you loved these shoes so much you told 3 of your friends and they decided to go out and each buy a pair of these shoes for themselves.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the shoe store gave you a free pair of shoes for referring 3 of your friends.

Infact, what if those 3 friends bought a pair of shoes again next month. You should probably get another free pair of shoes. Nerium international does exactly that!

Nerium International will send you free NeriumAD everytime you refer 3 customers.

So What Exactly is 3UR Free Nerium Preferred Customer Program

The 3UR Free Nerium Preferred Customer program is for all Preferred Customers and Brand Partners.

All you have to do is enroll as a Preferred Customer or a Brand Partner and refer 3 people as Nerium Preferred Customers and your next month’s NeriumAD Night Cream is free.

3ur free nerium gives back